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Results of the Central European Samoyed Show 2017 ... HERE:

Hello dear friends, the very first Central European Samoyed Show is already a history and we would like to say our sincere "thank you" to all, who helped us to organize it with all that grace and glory. Huge thank you goes to all exhibitors, who travelled sometimes long distances to join us. We hope that you enjoyed the Show and all other activities in Valtice.
We would like to thank all, who prepared and fulfilled this difficult tast long in advance as well as those who helped us big way to organize this event on the spot and make it all possible. I think this event was one to remember. The feedback we are getting from all over the Europe proves it.
Thank you to our judges (Val Freer and Sue Smith) and also to our lecturers (Renata Fossati and Tuula Pratt) for trully great job.
Event like this would not have been possible without our sponsors and partners: South Moravian Region, town Valtice, company Nativia, company Tenesco, company MEVET, Czech Kennel Cub and Samoyed Club of Slovakia. Also employees of Valtice Castle, Hotel Hubertus, companies Manmat and ZERO DC, Jiří Táborský – ZEPTER, Romana Nagyová – CZ ARTS, HANARNY rosettes – Hana Kišková, Petra Márová – saloon Adah, Alena Vlčková, Luďek Pilař, Stanislav Zikán, Michaela Semeráková, Jana Fulierová, Mr. and Mrs. Janko, Mr. and Mrs. Henčel and Mr. and Mrs. Lysák.
We all hope that you enjoyed yourselves and that one day in near future we can all meet again in Valtice Castle...


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